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The management of fungal nail infection

Prevalence studies indicate that onychomycosis is common, affecting approximately 50% of the population. Dermatophyte fungi particularly Trichophyton rubrum, cause the majority of toenail fungal nail infections and the usual route of infection is direct spread from web space infection (athletes foot).

The disease is an insidious one commencing on one toenail and progressively involving other nails over a long period, often years. In 20% of patients the fingernails can also be involved and this has to be differentiated from the more common fingernail problem of chronic paronychio in which yeast colonisation plays a role.

fungal nail infectionfungal nail inHow fungal nail infection starts
How fungal nail infection starts

How it will end up without treatment
How it will end up without treatment

To prevent fungal nail infection we have paint for your nails, spray for your shoes and cream for your feet.