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Transform your life with AZURE Interactive Hypnotherapy. Angela Slattery P.G.B.Dip, Dip. W-B I. Hyp., Licenciate of the Hypnotherapy Society NHS National Independent Provider Code No HC37

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy helps people to have better control of their own minds, thoughts, feelings and actions, by quickly and easily achieving a deep state of relaxation - known as 'hypnosis'. When you are in a state of hypnosis, your mind remains fully aware and in control, whilst your body becomes completely relaxed. You experience a tremendous sense of well-being and peace of mind. In this state, you are more susceptible to positive suggestions and are able to access areas of the mind and memories that are beyond the normal level of conscious awareness - i.e. to access the subconscious.

How can this help people to stop smoking, stop stammering, lose weight, overcome problems and achieve their goals?

Most other forms of therapy are carried out at a conscious level, often working on the symptoms rather than the underlying cause of a problem. It is now widely recognised by the medical profession that mind and body are closely related. Therefore, any tension or disease in the mind can follow with tension and disease in the body. The British Medical Association approved hypnotherapy as a valid medical treatment way back in 1955.

As a specialist Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner, I can help people to change their negative patterns of thinking and behaviour and to gain greater confidence and self-esteem for themselves. Thus, they can more quickly and easily resolve a problem, give up an unwanted habit or phobia, become more motivated and successfully achieve their goals.

The methodology used is Interactive Hypnotherapy (Advanced Hypnotherapy) which allows us to discover when a problem or habit first began and to deal with it accordingly. Interactive Hypnotherapy is a very gentle, caring, safe and effective process, with a distinctly high rate of success. By accessing the root cause, then the issue, problem or 'block' can be effectively and permanently resolved.

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Interactive Hypnotherapy can help in many areas of our life, Including:

Smoking cessation (in one easy session)
Weight control
Building Confidence
Boosting self-esteem
Letting go of the past
Combating stress/anxiety
Resolving eating disorders
Freedom from panic attacks and anxiety
Improving public speaking
IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Relieving phobias
Dealing with depression
Interview preparation
Tackling emotional problems
Removing blocks
Building pain tolerance
Fear of flying
Increasing memory
Improving business performance
Improving sporting performance
... and much more

Frequently Asked Questions about Interactive Hypnotherapy

Can I be forced to do things against my will
Most definitely, NO. You will be fully aware of what is happening throughout the process.

What will Hypnosis feel like

You've probably already experienced a form of hypnosis - for example, when we drive and go into what we call 'auto pilot' or when we are totally engrossed in a book or TV programme.

Will I remember anything

You will remember the gist of everything discussed between you and the Therapist.

Will I be asleep

No. You will be fully aware of everything, in a state of heightened awareness, and yet very relaxed.

Will I remain in control P Hypnosis is not mind control and you remain in complete control at all times.

You will not reveal anything you do not wish to. Whatever you discuss will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Are there any side effects

The only side effects are the healthy, positive benefits of improved well-being; your confidence can soar and negative emotions such as anxiety and nervousness can dissolve, allowing you to feel calmer.

What people have said about AZURE Interactive Hypnotherapy:

"I was sceptical beforehand, but amazed at how effective it was"

"I would definitely recommend you and this therapy to others"

"Hypnotherapy has moved me forward to becoming a more positive, confident person"

"Something has shifted within me"

"I feel tremendously liberated"

"I was surprised at how hypnosis revealed the reason why I smoke"

"I cannot thank you enough for your professional intervention and support" .

"It felt good to get rid of the built-up emotion"

"You got to the root of some things that have been there all my life"

"On walking out of the therapy room, it was as if I was never a smoker"

"Since hypnosis, I have become more self-assured, making more positive decisions"